So Much More...

Photography is about SO MUCH MORE than just "pushing a button" or having a nice camera.

One of the things I absolutely love about this profession is that it is an industry in which you are never, (and I mean NEVER,) done learning. There is always more you can learn about whether in shooting, lighting, studio work, editing, composing, etc.

A good example of this is something I didn't know years ago when I was starting out, focal length and how it effects your shot...

35mm lens

135mm lens

Above is a look at the same family sitting in the same pose, all that changed was the lens. Both are prime lenses (meaning they only have a fixed focal length,) that allow for good light to be let in. In fact, I hardly had to change my settings at all from one shot to the next, all I did was move backward, (a LOT.)

Understanding the difference that a wider angle lens makes for a portrait is part of the photographer's job. A longer lens compresses the background more, leaving it feel a little more 'fine art' often, where a wider lens allows for more intimate and 'lifestyle' images.

Within their own realms, both are fantastic lenses and worth having in your camera bag.