Mommy & Me Spring Session Style Guide

Every picture tells a story...

I have had a handful of my beautiful friends and clients ask my opinion or help on what to wear for their upcoming Mommy & Me or other Spring session. In an effort to be helpful, I decided to make a 'brochure' Style Guide for my clients, but my regular system I use was limiting in options while I attempted to create said brochure. So, the problem solver I am, I decided to go ahead and do it in a blog-post style instead!

Here, I'll show you some examples and talk through a bit of lighting and composition thoughts in order to help you think through your wardrobe, and shop with certain ideas in mind.

Work with neutrals!!

Both because it is so on-trend currently, and because neutrals open up huge options to coordination between all subjects. Neutrals are definitely your friend when planning outfits. In spring sessions most especially because the vibrancy of nature you will be surrounded by will make the neutrals stand out that much more!

Simple and sweet.

Sometimes, less is more. Choose just a couple colors and try and stick with those. Avoid pieces with overly colorful and complicated patterns, and try to veer away from greens as the grass and trees all around will be green. Choose tones that will compliment your natural coloring, some people favor warmer tones and others favor cooler ones. If you need help figuring out what colors to try out, I'd be happy to talk you through it. Ultimately, your opinion is king here.

Show your personality.

Most importantly, these photos should feel like you. If the trendy, matching, neutral look isn't for you- then just dress in your normal and bring your smile!

One last little tip I will leave for you here is to choose YOUR outfit first. Trust me, you will think your baby is adorable no matter what they are wearing. Yourself, on the other hand... We are our own worst critics, and it can be easy to look back and think "I never should have worn that!"(I have made that mistake myself too many times.) Instead, choose something you feel pretty and confident in, and then coordinate everybody else to you.

I hope this is at least somewhat helpful, and as always please please reach out to me with any questions, concerns or pleas of assistance. I will do whatever I can to serve and assist you.