Long ago....

Months ago, I reached out to these amazing gals to try and coordinate a headshot and behind-the-scenes photo exchange. I've done headshot exchanges in the past, yet I knew there would need to be at least three of us for the kind of photos I had in mind. Headshots, yes, but also photos of us taking each others photos to use for websites and content and such.

Of course, all of us being business owners AND mothers means that when I reached out and we planned this session (in SEPTEMBER of last year...) Life happened. Kids got sick, husbands or our own work schedules changed, weather blew in and after rescheduling for several months. Even this last time, circumstances weren't quite ideal. My husband was out of town and my child care fell through. After letting them know, I decided to toss my kids in the stroller and hope for the best. So we FINALLY had the chance to get together this last weekend and do the much anticipated exchange.

And it was amazing. I loved it so much.

These gals are both such amazing women and entrepreneurs-- If you are looking for warm and rich images and an extensive client closet, I highly recommend Danielle Galluzzi.

If you like bright, warm and emotive photos, I highly recommend reaching out to Taylor Rollins. They both have such sweet and positive ways about them, and are all around amazing mamas and photographers.

Here's a glance at the headshots I took of them;

Some shots of me;

Taylor and Danielle took these, and I edited them to my classic editing style...