Sibbling Poses;

I realized this last weekend from Bluebonnet Minis that I have a favorite go-to pose for Sibling sets. This pose mostly works with just two siblings, but I've done it with more as well.
A couple things lead me to this realization, the fact that all the cute families who came out to Bluebonnets had sibling sets perfect for this pose, and that I also captured my own kiddos using this pose AGAIN.
Some things just work, and so I use them again and again. This pose is one of those things.

I like this pose because it make is very easy to get those cute little faces right next to each other, making nailing focus easier, making interactions between them sweeter (usually...) making composition cleaner with a clear focal point and overall making for a great image!

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of other sibling pose options out there, but this one tends to be my personal favorite when working with younger kids like these.

As a matter of point, you can see me using this pose over and over again with my own kids through the seasons;